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Novel vertical power diode :
The post-doc position is funded by GOSPELS ANR project which aims to design a novel vertical p-MgNiO/n-AlGa2O3 power diode, optimized for high power electronics. Whitin GOSPELS the candidate will investigate the fundamental materials properties of β-(Al)Ga2O3 & (Mg)NiO. The activities will be focused on theoretical and numerical modeling and simulation that will be then shared with the experimental partners. Density Functional Theory and/or Many-Body Perturbation Theory will be used to provide the band-structures and dielectric functions for the bulk semiconductors (Ga2O3 and NiO), successively the same approach will be used to investigate MgNiO and AlGa2O3. AlGa2O3/MgNiO heterojunctions at the device level will be investigated using COMSOL Multiphysics and SILVACO.

Team :
V. VENIARD (LSI) : valerie.veniard at
H. JAFFRES (UMPHY CNRS-THALES) : henri.jaffres at
A. ALESSI (LSI, Ecole Polytechnique) : antonino.alessi at

Candidate Requirements :
- PhD in material science or condensed matter physics . Experience in theoretical spectroscopy is required. Knowledge of standard ab initio software package and optical response calculation will be appreciated. COMSOL Multiphysics and SILVACO.
- The candidate will be installed at LSI (Ecole Polytechnique. Possibility to prolongate for a 2 year period at UMPHY CNRS-Thales.