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Séminaire - Javier del Valle

Vendredi 25 Novembre 2022 à 11h00, Javier del Valle (Université de Genève) donnera un séminaire sur les "Bases et applications de la transition métal-isolant induite par la tension" (Fundamentals and applications of the voltage-triggered insulator to metal transition).

Many correlated oxides feature an insulator to metal transition (IMT) with a large change of resistivity. Generally, these transitions can also be induced electrically, a phenomenon known as voltage-triggered IMT [1,2]. The associated volatile resistive switching has attracted a lot of attention due to potential applications in optoelectronics, neuromorphic computing or rf switches [3].
Despite the wide interest, the fundamental aspects of this voltage-triggered IMT are not well understood. In this talk I will discuss the underlying physics of this phenomenon [1], including topics such as what governs the characteristic length- and time-scales [2,4].

I will also review the current efforts towards applications, with an emphasis on neuromorphic [3,5,6] and probabilistic computing [7].

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