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Séminaire - Marco Aprili

Jeudi 06 Octobre 2022 à 11h00, Marco Aprili (LPS, Univ Paris-Saclay) donnera un séminaire sur "Spin Physics in Superconductors at Nanoscale"

One key aspect in search for topological superconductivity and dissipation-less spin transport is the capability to act directly on the spin degree of freedom of the electrons forming the condensate. In conventional singlet superconductors this can be done through the exchange interaction with an external or an internal magnetic field and through the spin-orbit coupling. For instance, the spin-orbit coupling which is present in 2D materials because of inversion breaking symmetry allows a triplet component of the order parameter to appear. Similarly the exchange coupling between a magnetic atom and the electrons of a superconductor originate locally spin resolved bound states. Therefore manipulation of magnetic atoms on a superconducting surface sounds as an interesting route for non-trivial band structure as theoretically proposed. In this talk I’ll present a series of quantum transport and tunneling spectroscopy experiments at nanoscale that address these issues.


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