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Séminaire - Thomas Sand Jespersen

Séminaire de Thomas Sand Jespersen (University of Copenhagen) "Quantum Transport in oxide based mesoscopic devices" jeudi 29 juin à 11h

Abstract :
Following the developments in semiconductor processing techniques, low temperature electron transport in mesoscopic quantum devices has been an important line of research for the past three decades. Traditionally, devices have been realized in low-dimensional semiconductors where the electrostatic gatability allows tunability of the confinement and tunnel barriers. The electrical characteristics reflect both the fundamental processes of electron transport and provides a probe of the properties of the host material. The electron systems at complex oxide heterostructures provides exciting new possibilities by being susceptible to gatability and offering a range of qualitative properties unavailable in semiconductors ; magnetic order, strong spin-orbit coupling, and intrinsic tunable superconductivity. I will discuss different approaches to realizing mesoscopic devices in LAO/STO heterostructures – traditional approaches using semiconductor processing techniques, devices realized by AFM lithography, and devices relying on recent developments growth defined oxide nanostructures. Measurements of quantum dot devices provide a spectroscopic probe of important material properties such as g-factors and electron pairing. The unique properties in turn give rise to transport phenomena such as the charge Kondo effect not observed in conventional semiconductors.


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