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  • M. Lachheb, Q. Zhu, S. Fusil, Q. Wu, C. Carrétéro, A. Vecchiola, M. Bibes, D. Martinotti, C. Mathieu, C. Lubin, A. Pancotti, X. Li-Bourrelier, A. Gloter, B. Dkhil, V. Garcia, N. Barrett, Surface and bulk ferroelectric phase transition in super-tetragonal BiFe03 thin films. Physical Review Materials. 5, 024410 (2021).

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  • M. Galbiati, V. Zatko, F. Godel, P. Hirschauer, A. Vecchiola, K. Bouzehouane, S. Collin, B. Servet, A. Cantarero, F. Petroff, M. - B. Martin, B. Dlubak, P. Seneor, Very Long Term Stabilization of a 2D Magnet down to the Monolayer for Device Integration. ACS Applied Electronic Materials. 2, 3508 (2020).

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